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Printing Methods

Screen Printing 

Best for low costs and larger quantities

Screen printing can be applied to most garments, it is a cost effective method of printing, especially for larger volume runs, and is probably the type of printing used on most decorated garments from retail outlets.  
Multiple colours can be applied to achieve your design, which can be up to 30cm x 40cm in size. 
A new screen is used for each colour, and set up costs are based on each colour used. Screen costs are 20 + vat per screen. If you require an additonal print run at a later date, reset costs are 15 + vat per screen. 

Heat Application Printing 

Best for low costs, fast turn around and excellent launderability

This printing technique takes your name, message or logo, and applies it to the garment using heat application. More than one colour can be applied, but each application is a separate task.

Depending on the type of vinyl or flock used, the finished garment can be washed, tumble dried and ironed (within the garment tolerances).
For simple designs, and all text designs there is no set up charge. For more complex designs there is a once only set up charge of 15 + vat
Turn around times are very fast, and the choice of garments is huge. 

When the vinyl or flock is properly applied, and the garment is laundered correctly, your logo should not peel or come off, but remain there for the life of the garment.


Best for hard wearing, professional image, and smaller designs
Small or large quantities

Embroidery can be applied to all garments. The cost of embroidery is not dependent on the number of colours used, but the number of stitches in the design, it is therefore used mostly on smaller designs like those on the breast pocket.
Before embroidery can be started a sample is produced for the customer to sign off. There is a once off set up charge of 30 (+vat) but once this has been signed off there are no further set up charges, and small quantities are welcome.

Sublimation Printing

Best for full colour images, excellent launderability
Small or large quantities

Sublimation printing starts off with your full colour image, and this is printed onto a polyester T shirt or polo shirt . 

When it has been applied the image will stay there, as the ink has become part of the shirt.

This technique can be a cost effective way to reproduce small or large quantities of full colour images, but it only works on white garments, and they have to be 100% polyester.



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